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Deflas Agricultural Products

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Deflas Agricultural Products

Family: Lauraceae
Latin: Laurus nobilis
French: Laurier
English: Bay leaves
German: Lorbeer
Used Parts: Leaves

Deflas Agricultural Products

Use for Health: Bay Leaf content is very rich with regard to vitamine A, iron, manganese and magnesium. It is digestive, getter, antioxidant, appetizer, expectorant and good for cough. Protects ocular system, strenghtens immune system, balances blood pressure, reduces perspiration and rheumatic and myalgia.

Cuisine: You may use Deflas Bay Leaves in Your each kind of meaty and vegetable dishes, soups, sauces, venison, fish and seafood meals.

Cosmetic: Soap and Shampoo production.

Additional Info: Also named Tehnel leaf. In ancient Rome it was believed in that Bay Leaf Tree had protected human from lgihtning. This belief was so much ingrained that emperor Tiberius(B.C 42- A.D 37) wears a bay leaf crown and hides under quilt during streak of lightning. Dribble 2-3 bay leaves oil to 1 piece of cube sugar and eat, that attempers the cough.


Bay leaf, which is indispensable for kitchens, is widely used especially in Mediterranean cuisine. The bay leaf, which adds a pleasant smell and taste to the dishes, also has many health benefits.


• It is good against upper respiratory tract diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.
• It has diuretic properties.
• It can be used as an expectorant.
• It is useful against ailments such as flu and cold.
• It has a cholesterol-lowering effect.
• It can be used to shorten the healing process of open wounds and cuts.
• It has many benefits for the skin. It makes the skin look younger. It prevents wrinkles that may occur due to aging.
• People with dry skin can get help from bay leaf to moisturize their skin.
• It can be used in acne treatment.
• Provides a protective effect against microbes. It prevents infections caused by bacteria.
• It is good against skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.
• It can be used in the treatment of earache.
• It provides benefits against visual impairments.
• It has a calming effect.
• It is good against Parkinson's disease.
• It is beneficial against stomach related diseases such as ulcers.
• It has a protective effect on cardiovascular health.
• It is useful against blood pressure.
• It has a rich content of vitamin A.
• It has a protective effect against skin and blood cancer.
• It is good against headache and migraine pain.
• It has fly and insect repellent effect.
• It is useful against low back pain.
• It has a blood sugar lowering effect. It is beneficial against the digestive system. It is a plant recommended for people with gas problems.
• It has antipyretic effect.
• It prevents the production of fungi, bacteria and microbes in the body.
• Antibiotic effect can be used.
• It is good against toothache.
• It provides sweating. Especially when used in diseases such as colds, it helps to get rid of the disease faster by sweating the body.
• It regulates the hormone balance in the body.
• It is beneficial for hair care and health. It shortens the hair growth process. It is good against hair loss.
• It can be used against menstrual irregularities. Those who experience menstrual delay can use bay leaf regularly. It has the effect of preventing menstrual delay by regulating the menstrual period.
• It helps to lose weight.


In ancient times, conquerors and poets known for their heroism and poetry wore wreaths of laurel leaves. Roman emperors and priests planted laurel leaves in front of their gates, believing that they acted as guards and protected them from thunder, lightning, and plague.

It is known that the Roman emperor Tiberius (42 BC - 37 AD) wore a crown made of laurel leaves when lightning struck. Today, it is used in meat (fish, poultry, red, etc.), stews, roasts, frying, meatballs, soups, pies, sauces, liver paste, boiled meat, pickles, vegetables, spice mixes, tomato paste, canned food, egg products and in Turkey. It is especially used among dried figs for its smell and antimicrobial effect.

Laurel is also widely used in soap, pharmacy and perfumery industries. Known as laurel soap, this soap obtained by mixing laurel oil with another oil is known to be beneficial for skin fungi and hair loss.

Deflas Agricultural Products


Whole Leaves: Min: 95%
Slightly Damaged Leaves: Max: 4%
Broken Leaves: Max: 1%
Brown Leaves, holes & spots: Max: 3%
Branch Stems: Max: 0,5%
Appearance: Natural
Green Packaging: 10/20 Kgs carton boxes
Chemical Aspects:
Moisture : 8% Volatile Oil : 1% Ash : 5% AlA : 0,5%

Deflas Agricultural Products


Whole Leaves: Min: 45%
Slightly Damaged Leaves: Max: 40%
Broken Leaves: Max: 5%
Brown Leaves, holes & spots: Max: 5%
Calibration: As per request
Branch Stems: Max: 3%
Appearance: Natural Green Packaging: 10/20 Kgs carton boxes
Chemical Aspects:
Moisture : 8% Volatile Oil : 1% Ash : 5% AlA : 0,5%

Deflas Agricultural Products

FAQ (Fair Average) QUALITY

Whole Leaves: Min: 30%
Slightly Damaged Leaves: Max: 50%
Broken Leaves: Max: 15%
Branch Stems: Max: 5%
Appearance: Natural Green & Brown
Packaging: 50 Kgs Pressed Bales
Chemical Aspects:
Moisture : 8% Volatile Oil : 1% Ash : 5% AlA : 0,5%

Deflas Agricultural Products
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